The Flowshow Dojo

Life Takes, what an honor to be on this team of legends. I will be using the alias Flowshow, because I had incredible flow throughout my high school career.

I’ll start it off with rapid fire fast facts about myself:

  • I was a Canton High School superstar athlete on a 7 win hockey team (Yes, I was captain. I know you were all wondering.)
  • Also golfed all four years in high school, lowest career round, 69 (1 under. So yes, I can swing a stick.)
  • Senior year playoffs I went all out and can’t my hair into a mullet. We subsequently lost to our rivals, Salem, in round 1, but that’s not important. The mullet looked good.
  • I’m unemployed, living at home and thriving all things considered.
  • Over the summer I had the unique experience of caddying at not one but two PGA Tour events;Rocket Mortgage Classic and Workday Charity open. Although we missed both cuts, I’m sure Donnie and I will be back soon. (Full disclosure, I had a practice round with Patrick Reed at the Workday. In the media he comes over as the bad guy, but contrary to what you see, he is actually a decent guy.)
  • Just finished up my Economics degree with a minor in writing from the University of Michigan (roomed with my boy Patty.)

More facts will spill out while writing these blogs, but that should wet your whistle for the time being. 

Besides applying to endless jobs everyday and studying for the LSAT, I have caddied a lot this summer. I caddie at Barton Hills Country Club on the side, but mainly for a former high school teammate of mine, Donnie Trosper – Best ball striker I have ever seen (look him up, he has a record with The Big Cat – Tiger and Phil The Thrill.)

My cousin-in-law, Brogan Rafferty is currently on the Vancouver Canucks playoff roster and kicking it hockey tournament style in the bubble. If we’re lucky we might get an interview with him (fingers crossed.)

Getting out in front of all the haters, indeed I am a big Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. However, I am not a bandwagon Tompa Bay Gronkaneers fan. Proudly, I have been cheering on this losing franchise for 15ish years now. It just so happens we are loaded this year and it (might be) is our year to win the Lombardi!!!

Welcome to the blog, hope you enjoy it.

@flowshow2149 (Twitter) @Brian_Oldani2149 (Insta)


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