Professor Propbet Helps You Get Ready for the NFL Season

Professor Propbet here. The NFL season starts on Thursday and there is absolutely nothing going on in the world that will keep each of the 32 teams from playing 16 games. I will not listen to any comment to the contrary.

With the season upcoming, there are a shitload of prop bets out there where money can be made. I put out a blog with over/unders for each team back in May. Some of those numbers have moved, but we’re gonna move on from total wins and focus on individual stats and other props.

Let me know before Thursday if you want any action.


Team Finishes

Bills (+110) to win East, Patriots (+200) for second, NY Jets (+175) for third, Miami (+120) for fourth

Browns (+190) to finish second in North, Steelers (+190) for third

Texans (+210) to finish second in South, Jaguars (+350) for third

Broncos (+215) to finish second in West, Raiders (+200) for third

Eagles (+105) to finish second in East, Giants (+110) for third

Vikings (+175) to win North, Packers (+170) for second, Lions (+295) for third, Bears (+240) for last

Seahawks (+205) to win West, 49ers (+170) for second, Cardinals (+190) for third, Rams (+140) for last


DeAndre Hopkins over 93.5 catches and over 1125.5 yards

Matt Ryan over 27.5 TDs and over 4550.5 yards

Josh Allen over 22.5 TDs and over 3300.5 yards

Stefon Diggs over 6.5 TDs and over 975.5 yards

DJ Moore under 1050.5 yards

Robby Anderson under 775.5 yards

AJ Green under 7.5 TDs and under 975.5 yards

Austin Hooper over 5.5 TDs and over 599.5 yards

Nick Chubb under 1275.5 yards

Dak Prescott over 4319.5 yards

Matthew Stafford over 26.5 TDs

Patrick Mahomes over 4699.6 yards and over 36.5 TDs

Jared Goff under 4350.5 yards

Adam Thielen over 84.5 catches

Michael Thomas under 120.5 catches

Miles Sanders under 1000.5 yards

James Connor over 825.5 yards

Derrick Henry under 1290.5 yards

Chase Young over 8.5 sacks

Individual Awards

Andy Reid to win Coach of the Year (+1900)

Mike Zimmer to win Coach of the Year (+2800)

Chase Young to win DROY (+200)

Darius Slay to lead league in interceptions (+3300)

Denzel Ward to lead league in interceptions (+5000)

Dalvin Cook to lead league in rushing (+1200)

Justin Herbert to lead league in interceptions (+3300)

Team Records

Redskins to have worst record (+550)

Texans to make playoffs (+150)

Chargers to miss playoffs (-150)

(All odds via Thomas Shelby Sportsbook)


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