A Question Since the Dawn of Time

What decade has the best music? 

So I’ve been thinking about this question hard for about the last 6 min. while I’m sitting on my lunch break. Then boom! It hit me, it has to be the decade I dedicated a whole entire playlist to, the 70’s (Except for one song, which is Levels by Avicii, RIP. Because that song is timeless and belongs on every playlist.)

The 70’s had some of the greatest artist of all time like Stevie Wonder, the Eagles, Eric Clapton and Marvin Gaye, just to name a few. 

The music from the 70’s can fit any vibe you’re looking for. You want to sit around and have some drinks with friends, put on the 70’s. You want to sit outside and enjoy the sunrise/sunset, put the 70’s on. You want to serenade someone, you guessed it, you do it with a 70’s. 

Lucky for you guys I decided to share my playlist, give it a follow/listen and soon you will be agreeing with me.

Especially follow it if you have cool parents. Put it on the next time you’re enjoying a few drinks with them, they’ll enjoy the nostalgia that comes with it. 

Also fellas, it’s the perfect golf playlist so next time you’re on the course give it a try. It’s what Dylan (GetMossed’s fiancé) was listening too when he golfed a 73, it’s proven to make your game better. 

Also, shot out to Anders for standing up to GetMossed, you are our MockingJay! 

So you all are probably wondering why I have a playlist dedicated to the 70’s. 

It’s because I was tired of my uncles and dad yelling “change this shit” whenever we were playing cards upnorth. Even though they were the ones that asked me to put music on. So I decided to make an entire playlist geared towards them and next think I know I’m listening to it almost everyday. 


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