High School Football Is BACK! 6 Game Season In The Works, State Championship Slated For December

Breaking news coming out of the governors office today and it’s BIG! High School sports are back! Whitmer green lit sports being back and we’re starting to get back to a little bit of normalcy. Next would be canceling virtual school but don’t get me started. I had inside word that this was in the works and from my sources it’s looking like a 6 game season. Looks like an end of September start date but EVERY school will make the playoffs. That’s new and interesting because when schools have a playoff streak going like Airport did years ago, do they count this season? I think so. Any who, this will give all schools a guaranteed 7 games. Instead of the normal 9. Teams who make playoff runs will continue to play double digit games. Everyone wins! Football is back!! Next the Big Ten!


I honestly had word about this season getting the go ahead yesterday. But I didn’t pull the trigger on the blog. You win some and you lose some. I’ll bounce back!


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