Jay Wright Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere!

He ain’t goin’ nowhere. He ain’t goin’ nowhere. He can’t be stopped now cause it’s Jay Wright for life!

Every time there is a coaching position open on the east coast, Jay Wright’s name comes up. And every time people think it’s a real possibility Jay is interested. Bruh, he’s not interested. He wasn’t interested in the Knicks, he isn’t interested in the 76ers and when Kyrie gets the Nets coach fired, he won’t be interested in that job either.

It’s not gonna happen, so quit askin’ -Nick Saban -Jay Wright

Why would he leave? He makes more than enough money. He lives in a castle on the mainline. He drives a new car each month from Rafferty Subaru and parks that shit on the sidewalk. He gets to beat up on those bums from Seton Hall twice a year. He doesn’t have to deal with Joel Embiid being fat or Ben Simmons not being able to shoot. Dude has it made.

V’s up. Go ‘Cats.


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