Tigers Coast To Very Easy Win, Dismantle Brewers 12-1!

Six wins in a row and you guys know the deal. We’re in a playoff race and every win means so so much. This was probably the easiest win we’ve had all season and it’s about time. I’ve stressed over so many pitches in the month of August and it feels awesome to just sit back, relax and watch a baseball game.

Christian Stewart got the offense going and if we want to keep winning like this, we need Christian to start swinging like this, consistently. Great to see especially since Jacoby Jones got hit by a pitch. He will be out for awhile because the pitch broke his wrist. That sucks. You guys all know Jacoby Jones could be a superstar but he keeps getting hurt. And it wasn’t even his fault!

Willie Castro continues to dominate. Can’t believe the Indians gave us him for this guy:

Thank you, Cleveland, you rock.

Victor is so good and I’ve been telling people that since the first day I saw him play. Thank you Arizona for literally giving us him for nothing. Nothing. Look it up.

Victor again. So good.

Stud. But surprised we didn’t trade him for a prospect. I’m sure we tried but let’s go make a run!

Everyone’s fan favorite to hate on. Just keeps hitting.

Always good when the game turns into a slow pitch softball game. Grayson “bombs” Greiner does it again.

Final Thoughts:

First 6 game winning steak since 2016 and these guys just keep hitting. Back in the day when the Tigers were rolling, people would walk into school and instantly say “how bout them Tigers?” To the first person they saw. I WANT THAT BACK! We can do it people. Talk about the Tigers. Tell your friends to tune in. We’re in a playoff race!! Imagine if the Lions were in a playoff race….. everyone and their mothers would know about it. Good thing is we don’t have to wait that long. It’s happening NOW! Let’s go!


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