Welcome To Being an Ace in Cleveland Shane Bieber

Six shutout innings, one hit and nine strikeouts. Only one run of support from the offense. Left the game with the lead. Bullpen blows said lead. Indians lose.

Sound familiar? Somewhere in Texas, Corey Kluber has an ice bag on his injured right arm and is laughing manically at the TV. One time Kluber had a no-hitter going before giving up a bloop single. Dipshit Ryan Raburn proceeded to spike the ball into left centerfield. Batter rounds the bases for a little league homerun. Indians lose 1-0. This is what happens when you’re the ace for this team.

Good thing we got a proven, professional hitter for Mike Clevinger at today’s trade deadline. What’s that? We didn’t what? We didn’t do that? Sweet.

Oh, and take Delino DeShields Jr., put him in a rocket ship and shoot that motherfucker to the moon.

I don’t have anymore jokes. I don’t want to go look for twitter videos. This blog is done.

Plesac tomorrow. T-Mac on Wednesday. We better win both. It’s the fuckin’ Royals!

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