Tigers Trade Cameron Maybin To Cubs For Top 20 Prospect- Everything You Need To Know About Zack Short

How many times can the Tigers trade Cameron Maybin for prospects?

3 times.

Today is the third time the Tigers have traded Cameron Maybin and I bet you $1k that we resign him next year and that’s why he’s a fan favorite. There will be a tribute blog to Cameron Maybin later tonight.

This blog will be about Zack Short and everything I know about him. Which isn’t much. But I have some instant reactions to the trade and they’re good!

Quick YouTube highlight video and first thing you can see is what?

He’s got good hands and has some pop in the bat. He’s only 5’10 but from the sounds of it he can play SS, 3B, and 2B. One scout said “a slugging utility man”. We need younger depth at every position and this trade helps.

People don’t like trades that trade away a popular name for a player no one knows and will probably not even play in the majors this year. But Short, 25, is a little older then the normal prospect and Goodrum isn’t hitting very consistently and the other options for short are guys who are 21 and younger, we needed to add some depth.

Bottom line, we signed Cameron Maybin this off season, knowing we’re not going to win a World Series. We traded him for the Cubs 21st best prospect in their whole organization and continue to add depth to our organization that is now top 5 in all of baseball. When Al Avila took over we had the 30th best minor league system. People don’t give Al Avila nearly enough credit and most people want him fired. Not me. Keep building this franchise, Al.


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