My Top 5 Least Favorite Sports Personalities, Who Consistently Gives Cold Takes

As a life long sports fan, one aspect of the game whether on the field or in the media space, that is often slept on, is the person calling the game or giving their takes about a game or player. More often than not, I found myself watching ESPN or some sporting event and just sitting on my couch like, “what the heck are you even talking about?!”

Here we will look into my top 5 sports personalities who just make you cringe when they give their takes.

Note: As a life long sports fan, there will be bias.

#5 Charles Barkley

Before I roast this man, I would like to point out I find him hilarious on TNT, when him and Shaq go back and forth bantering at each other over who knows what. With that, this dude does a lot of chirping for someone who has never won a ring. I’ll never forget, recently, when Barkley pulled the broom out after the Blazers beat the Lakers in game 1, suggesting they’d go for the sweep. This would in turn lead to Lakers winning the series 4-1 and Shaq snapping his broom in half. As much as I wanted the Lakers to lose, it was a very bold take with the sweep.

#4Skip Bayless

Whether he’s chirping at Stephen A. Smith or Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless is definitely one of the more stubborn/ignorant debater on this list (the most ignorant to come later). This guy will give a cold take and absolutely just ride it out til the end. Even when he knows he’s wrong, he will continue to roll with his take and just beat the heck out of that horse. I remind you of the time, when he tried telling Marc Cuban on FirstTake about the business and player aspect of the game regarding the Mavs being down in the Heat series back in 2011. Cuban made him look like a clown.

#3 – Jeff Van Gundy

Remember when I said there would be bias? Well here it is. As a die hard Cleveland sports fan, this guy was first on my “you know what” list during the first meeting of the Cavs, Warriors finals. Dude was such a Warrior d-rider I was like, bruh just take your suit off and show us the Curry jersey you got under there. With that, during any game dude will just go on loud, long rants about absolutely nothing. Like if someone gets fouled hard, he’ll just rant about how “he does not like that at all. He needs to be tossed”, only for Breen and the boys to completely ignore him and move on. Just relax hardo. Not to mention he talks like he can coach any team, just to be proved wrong on why that isn’t true.

#2 – Colin Cowherd

Note: I was actually a fan of Colin, when Lebron first returned to Cleveland, because come playoffs he was the only guy who would support and hype him up, when every other news outlet would start trashing him. Now, come present day, this dude is just awful. This guy along with Skip, are tied for most ignorant commentators who, like I said, will just absolutely refuse to accept his cold takes. Put a gun to his head, and he still would refuse to say he’s wrong. Other than just spewing empty words on his show, my real hate for him is when he tried making Baker Mayfield a self-centered d-bag when he interviewed him. Colin, on his show, took a clip of Baker at Oklahoma out of context, to try and show that he wasn’t a team player when they scored touchdowns. Baker quickly showed him what was up tho, when he pointed out he went to celebrate with the OU band who, “were just as much part of the team, as the players”. I just can hear his voice now, “I don’t like it, Baker. I don’t like that one bit.”

#1 – Joe Buck

Other than having the ability to land a 747 on his forehead, that’s really his only notable talent. This guy is probably the most egotistical announcer, has most punchable face, with that dumb guy smirk he always has, and who only looks good because he sits next to legend Troy Aikman in the booth. You can find this dude, for his most memorable broadcasting moment during the 2016 World Series with the Cubs and Indians. I’d be the next Jeff Bezos, if I had a dollar for every time this clown mentioned his beloved Kyle Schwarber during this series. Yes, I know he was in the World Series after coming off a massive injury, but someone would be like “Hey, Joe where you wanna eat tonight?” And his reponse would be “Kyle Schwarber is an absolute elite player, coming back from injury. KYLE. EFFIN. SCHWARBER. If Kyle doesn’t eat there, I’m not eating there!” Like geez, just make out already.

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