Get Your Brooms Out! Tigers Sweep Twins For First Time Since 2016

Here we go. Tigers will start September in a full out playoff race and I’m so jacked up! This year the MLB will be talking 8 teams from each division in the playoffs. The top two teams from each division and then two wild card teams. As we sit here today with the Indians just now losing to the Cardinals, we are 4 games back of the central and 2.5 games back of the wild card. I mean you can’t ask for anything better. We’re going to have competitive baseball in Detroit this fall. I want everyone to get in on the ride because we NEED this.

At the beginning of the series I would have told you a 2-2 split would be a win for us and we go out there and just dust the Twins. I felt like we had control of each game and that’s something I’m honestly surprised about.

Miggy Gets 2,000th Career Hit With Detroit

Miggy becomes one of eight Tigers EVER to have 2,000 career hits with the Tigers and that just shows you how we’re witnessing history with greatest right hand hitter of all time. He’s also getting very hot and knocking in runs every game. Don’t let Miggy get hot. Batting average is also creeping back up there.

Jeimer Canderlario Is Good

People really like to hate Canderlario and I get it. He started the season out slow and has only showed flashes of being good a few times. But right now we’re riding him and he’s delivering. Every game. His average is almost .300 and he’s hitting some clutch home runs in crucial spots. Stay hot candy man.

Bullpen Is Actually Really Good

Casey Mize had another okay start. Not what you want but he’s getting amazing experience in these games. He went 3 innings had good swing and miss stuff. A little wild but it worked. The bullpen came in and just shut the doors. Amazing work again but the pen.

Tigers have tomorrow off and then will take their show on the road. Another big week with games in Milwaukee and a 5 game weekend series in Minnesota. I think the Twins will be looking for revenge. Have to try and win the series. Let’s go!! September baseball here we come!!


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