All Time PGA Tour Playoff Finish! And People Say Golf Is Boring- MUST WATCH!

People love to say “golf is boring” or “I hate watching golf on tv” and those people just have no idea what they are talking about. I just witnessed the greatest 30 minutes of golf that I’ve ever seen. And no better timing for it then the PGA playoffs.

Quick recap of how the PGA playoff works: PGA season pretty much runs all year and for every tournament you win, you get roughly 500 Fedex Cup Points. If you come in 2nd you get 150 and so on all the way down to last place. So add all those points up throughout the season and you take the top 125 players to create a playoff tournament. After that tournament they take the top 70 players and this is where we are at in the playoffs currently. Next week is the final stage and the PGA takes the top 30 and the winner gets a smooth 15 million dollars. Yeah 15 Mill.

So back to the tournament. Jon Rahm ended up winning the whole thing, and will go into next weeks final tournament with a lot of momentum. He finished his round about 20 minutes before Dustin Johnson wrapped up, and had to kill time on the practice range, waiting for a sudden death. Well, Jon Rahm had one stroke (point) lead while Dustin Johnson got ready to tee off on 18 (last hole) and he needed a birdie to force a playoff.

DJ’s tee shot went a little right and created a very tough shot from 4 inch high rough (Makes it impossible to control your shot from the rough). As I was sitting in my living room we all thought “well he has a putt at it”

Then DJ just drops this BOMB! Like come on!

We’re onto playoff golf!! It can’t get any better than what we just witnessed. Both players had decent tee shots and they both hit the green. Neither of them were very close and I was thinking “easy tie hole, we will probably have one more playoff hole”

Then this happens

Truly unbelievable. If you have ever played golf, you know how crazy this is. Even for pros. My power rankings for current playoffs going on.

1: PGA

2. NBA

3. NHL

It is what it is hockey fans. You don’t have anyone who can match DJ and Rahm’s swag.


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