Wrap Up Your Friday With The Top TikTok’s of the Week

We don’t have much longer left with TikTok, but hopefully you’re able to enjoy these as you wind down your work day.

We’ll do a duet of the week, a top 10 and a video game TikTok of the week each week. Message me on Twitter Simpsonasti if you want to see some other content on here!

Duet of the week

This band is absolutely incredible. Everyone is just crushing Welcome to the Jungle. Honestly probably better than Guns and Roses.


Top Video Game TikTok of the Week

Old clip here but it’s from one of the GOATs of streaming. Dr. Disrespect isn’t a millionaire, he’s a multi-millionaire.


Top 10 TikTok’s of the Week

#10 – How Ice Cream Is Made

I would have never guessed that this is how ice cream is made. So unbelievably fascinating.


#9 – Spencer’s As A Kid

If this isn’t every kid 15-20 years ago, then I don’t know what is. Shoot, I’m still like this where i go into Spencer’s absolutely terrified.


#8 – Go Your Own Way Duet

I’m gonna be honest, i have no clue where this is from, but this chick crushes it. Love the transition with the mustache and switching back and forth.


#7 – Feet Guys

Spot on feet guys to a tee. Just weirdos, doing their own thing.


#6 – Ex-Girlfriend

This video is absolutely terrifying. Like I would have 0 clue how to handle this if I were in this situation. This dudes ex legit sounds like she’s ready to kill someone.


#5 – Potato Electric Peeler

I hand washed, peeled, etc these potatoes the other day and it was the absolute worst thing ever. Made me want to purchase one of these ASAP.


#4 – Coolest Way Someone Died

This dudes TikTok is unreal. Just puts out crazy facts about how people died. This medic died like an absolute badass. RIP and thank you for your service.


#3 – Don’t Laugh At These Noises

I’m honestly a child and laughed at all these noises. Couldn’t control myself.


#2 – Joseph / God Shorty A Baddie

How about God just coming out of nowhere and being Mr. Steal Yo Girl with Joseph and Mary?


#1 – Mom Spell “IT”

Every kid thought they were the funniest person ever when they got their mom with this.



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