NBA Playoffs Hope To Return This Weekend, After Recent Walkout

After an emotional players meeting, following the NBA walkout on Wednesday, it was rumored to believe that the playoffs are looking to return this weekend. This comes after all teams except the Lakers and Clippers, voted to finish the remainder of the playoffs.

The players have held two meetings within the past two days, to discuss the future of the season. The first meeting went 0 to 100, quickly as it was a very emotional and heated debate on what would be best for the league. This would lead to Lebron being the first to leave the meeting in disagreement, as it began to be apparent that the rest of the teams were in favor of wanting to play. However, after letting everyone cool down and get what needed to be said off their chests, the second meeting went a little more smoothly. When voting on to continue, most of the players felt this is why they came to the bubble in the first place, to finish what they started before the COVID hit. Chris Paul even mentioned about the financial hit this could bring to both the players, as well as the team as a whole.

Though the majority vote was confirmed in favor of finishing, no official timeline has been set, as there are talks of more possible meetings to finalize the details.

More on the the NBA playoffs to come.


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