Indians’ Mike Clevinger, Plesac In Recent Trade Talks

*Trevor Wallace voice* aha aha aha, but like hypothetically…what if we didn’t trade our best pitchers.

Like seriously, what if? What if, we just didn’t do it?

I feel exactly like Mr. Incredible being held captive in the 2004 animated film, when he asks Mirage, “how much lower could you possibly bring me? What more can you take from me?”, and truer words have never been spoken, when I first saw this ridiculous rumor. Yes, I know it’s just that, a rumor, but this is coming from the same team who refuses to re-sign one of the best young players in the league, Frankie Lindor, to any type of mid to long term deal, because who knows? This is the same team who also let go of our former two best pitchers Kluber and Bauer, because like any other Cleveland sports team’s management, everything is just incredibly dumb.

If this is some type of threat to trade them, due to both players recent infractions of breaking team conduct, by going out on the town during the COVID pandemic, that may be a little harsh since they’ve already been sent down to the minors as punishment and just don’t make for good policy.

Now strategically, this could work in the Indians’ favor as far as trading Clevinger, though it is said to be Plesac is the likely candidate to be traded, if they do end up making a move. Just like Lindor, the Indians pull the money card yet again, and could trade Clevinger for some bats that the team desperately needs, all while not having to pay his whopping $4 million that is still owed to him.

“It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for ‘em”.


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