AEW Dynamite Recap and Review

Gauntlet Match (Young Bucks def. Natural Nightmares l Best Friends def. Young Bucks l FTR def. Best Friends

Pretty exciting way to start the show! Gauntlet matches are always a way for the crowd to be excited and with this tag team division, the crowd and fans at home were definitely excited.

The Young Bucks moved through the Natural Nightmares pretty quick, only to have Hangman cost them the next Gauntlet against Best Friends. After Best Friends won, FTR made light work and moved on to the Tag Team Championship at All Out.

Overall, I’d give this Gauntlet Match a 7.9/10. Obviously the big story line here is Hangman costing his friends the match and a shot at the tag team titles. Few of my favorite gifs from this Gauntlet Match below.

Lance Archer def. Sean Maluta

Archer made pretty quick work of Maluta in this squash match. The big story line after the match, would be Taz, Brian Cage and Ricky Starks interrupting after the match. Taz made it known his clients were entering the All Out Battle Royale against the likes of Lance Archer. Overall, I’d give this segment a 6.5/10. Not a huge fan of squash matches but it was cool to see the build up between Archer and Cage.

This is something that wrestling fans should look forward to. “The Murderhawk Monster” vs “The Machine” is an excellent match waiting to happen. Which should slowly build up after All Out. We also got to see more build between Darby Allin and Ricky Starks, which is one of my top feuds in AEW right now. Highlights below:

Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa Contract Signing

One of my favorite things about AEW is the short films/segments they record to capture the audience. I don’t know a ton about Thunder Rosa but she is coming off as a bad bitch in these segments.

Bringing NWA into the picture with AEW is amazing work by Tony Khan (president/CEO) to expand their audience and create unique matches for fans. Overall, this segment receives a 7.3/10. Highlight below:

Jon Moxley and MJF Contract Signing

With a live crowd, you could hear how excited everyone was to see the World Champion and #1 ranked wrestler in the world. Jon Moxley gets the people going.

This was a fun segment and got the point across that MJF is the heel that will try to win with any means necessary. Even if he’s slimy and taking away Mox’s finisher.

Mox agreed to not use his finisher (Paradigm Shift) at All Out, but there was one condition, Mox gets to have a match against MJF’s campaign manager next week. That should be a fun match leading into the world title at All Out. Overall, this segment gets a 7.4/10. Highlight below:

Lucha Bros and the Bucher/Blade def. Griff Garrison, Brian Pillman Jr. , Sonny Kiss and Joey Janella

Honestly not a lot to go over here. The Lucha Bros are so stinking good. They’re just the perfect combination of power/agility/acrobatics that i love in a tag team. They got the pin on Brian Pillman Jr.

After the match, Eddie Kingston came out and declared himself, Butcher, Blade and Lucha Bros would all be in the Battle Royale at All Out. This segment gets a 6.3/10. Highlight below:

Dark Order Celebration

I absolutely love the Dark Order. Brodie Lee plays his character perfectly and it was time for him to be rewarded with a title.

The segment just trashed Cody and the Nightmare family, leading to some of the members of the family coming out to attack the Dark Order. This set up a match at All Out between the Dark Order (Lee, Grayson, Uno and Cabana) vs. Nightmare Family (Cardona, Dustin, QT, Scorpio Sky).

Also I gotta say, I’m in love with Anna Jay and I’m ready for someone to strap a title to her. Play her off as Brodie Lee’s princess and let her take the women’s title to the moon. Segment is a 7.5/10, highlight below:

Hangman Kicked Out Of The Elite

The Young Bucks confronted Hangman after he costed them their match. They disowned him and kicked him out of The Elite. Interesting to see that Kenny was not there to assist Hangman, but hopefully this leads to a Hangman team with FTR and Omega heel turn. Segment is a 7.9/10.

Big Swole def. Rebel (Reba), Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian and Britt Baker

Pretty boring match to be honest. I find Reba and Britt Baker hilarious but I’m not set on Big Swole. After the match, Anna Jay offers a contract to Tay Conti to join the Dark Order. Match is a 6.1/10 highlight below:

Sammy Guevara def. Matt Hardy In A Tables Match

This match had so much potential to be good, but i think they ran out of time. Hopefully the run this back at All Out or in the future.

The match only had about 10 min of TV time so both wrestlers had to get their spots in pretty quick. The ending was insane with Hardy being thrown threw a table with a chair waiting for him when he landed. This match was a 7.8/10 and highlights below:

Orange Cassidy Attacks Chris Jericho

Another issue with timing here, they only had 1 minute of TV time left so I’m not sure if they were able to get their spots in. But Cassidy attacked Jericho while building up for their Mimosa Mayhem match at All Out. This segment was a 6.9/10.

Overall, i thought this was a decent episode of AEW Dynamite. Obviously they are building up for their big PPV All Out next Saturday. But we have one more Dynamite prior to that.

I hope you enjoyed this recap of Dynamite. If you’re not a wrestling fan or have lost your love for wrestling, i highly encourage you to check out this show and give it a chance.

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