Clippers, Lakers Vote To Boycott NBA Playoffs; Rest Of Teams Vote To Continue

Starting the year with no basketball due to COVID, there was a chance we’d see no basketball again heading into the end the year. What started with the Milwaukee Bucks walking out on their game against the Magic on Wednesday, instantly led to the entire Wednesday playoff lineup to be postponed. This shocking development, comes in wake of players making a statement in response to the recent shooting of Jacob Blake, who was shot in the back multiple times by a Wisconsin police officer. Since the walk-out, players met with each other and the majority voted to continue the playoffs, with the Lakers and Clippers being the only team to vote against it.

Brief Timeline: The Magic (down 3-1) on Wednesday, were going through pre-game warmups when they were informed moments before tip-off that the Bucks were not going to play. Briefly after, both the Thunder and Rockets stated they would not play either. This then would lead to the entire playoff lineup to be postponed.

After the postponement, players from all teams met to discuss their plan of action for the remainder of the playoffs, with both the Lakers and Clippers heavily in favor of canceling as a whole.

It is rumored to be believed that all of Thursday’s games will be postponed as well, until an official decision. With this, it was believed that the Lakers, as well as the Clippers were the only teams to vote to boycott the remainder of the season, as the meeting turned south with disagreements from players on how they should go about this situation.

“There were a lot of emotions in the meeting rather than coming up with a solution, but I think tomorrow will be better,” said one of the players who asked to remain anonymous.

If basketball were to end again, I may not have to see Lebron hoist up another championship trophy not in a Cavs jersey. This in all, wouldn’t be such a bad thing as I became a recent Blazers fan in hopes to see him knocked out in the first round.

Per usual, more details to come on the state of the NBA and what the rest of the season holds.

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