Introducing LifeTakes

Some people say that when you start a blog you should probably tell your audience who you are and what it is going to be about before you start – other people think you should start it up without announcing it and slowly roll it out as you figure out what you’re doing. We’d be the latter.

The history of LifeTakes, is winding to say the least. Scott ‘S.Mojito’ and Dave ‘Danger’ McCormick and myself, Jake ‘CrimeDawg’ Griffith make up the core team that is ‘Life Takes Blog’. This all got started in 2013, when our Fantasy Football League was founded in the hallways of Airport Senior High School in Carleton, Michigan. A couple of years later, in 2015 we started ‘@CarletonFF’ on Twitter, the purpose was to update the local crowd on what is going on with our (then 10-man, now 12-man) Fantasy League – modestly named “The League” (may or may not be named after the FX series). In other words, it was a way to express ourselves online and try to make each other laugh. That’s what it was, that’s what LifeTakes is. Just put content out that relates to us and maybe people will like it, read it and share it. In late 2018, the three of us decided to ‘rebrand’ the Twitter page and start a free blog site on WordPress.

We started off writing somewhat anonymous as we thought as young professionals that was the best idea – we shortly learned, that’s probably not the best route to go. We decided in April 2019 that it was time to up the ante and purchase our own URL after the Busch’s article was shared by a friend on Facebook and it put up some decent numbers.

Which leads us here, about 2 years later. We’ve seen more bloggers come on board, with the addition of LadyTakes, PlayerTakes and LifeTakes Ohio. We’ve created some video content and just some general tom foolery. We want you to come along for this journey, wherever it leads.

Our Mission is to make people laugh, have fun and give back. LifeTakes was started as a way to express ourselves online and make each other laugh and that’s what it remains to be. We want you to be apart of our journey as we learn how to create content. If you have ideas, stories, above all feedback, or anything else you want to share with us please utilize the Mailbag on the Home Page or email us at


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