The Process Didn’t Work and Now Brett Brown is Fired by the 76ers

Any time I can work the Ari Gold gif into a blog, I do it.

But yea, the Sixers were swept in four games by the Celtics and fired Brett Brown today. No surprise. We all knew it was coming.

A 12-14 record in the playoffs just isn’t going to get it done. But, it’s not his fault Joel Embiid is morbidly obese and Ben Simmons has the shooting range of my two year old nephew. Also not Coach Brown’s fault that the front office picked Jahlil Okafor over Kristaps Porzingis and doubled down on shitty decisions by taking Markelle Fultz over literally anybody else.

I had the chance to meet Brett Brown at the annual Philadelphia Sports Writer Association dinner during his third year on the job. Brown won the ‘Good Guy’ award for his outstanding cooperation with the media. And as far as I remember, he was a good guy. I mean, he had to be nice to the media members. The Sixers went 10-72 that year. You can’t be a dick to the media with 10 wins.

Side note, Villanova athletics straight dominated that awards ceremony. Too many awards to carry back to the mainline. The two awards that ‘Nova didn’t win that year went to Carli Lloyd and Larry Holmes. You know, just the best women’s soccer player ever ever and the only human on the planet to knock out Muhammad Ali. I digress.

Sometimes being the head coach means being the scapegoat as well. Maybe Philly should look into getting Embiid off twitter and onto a treadmill in the coming years.

P.S. Brett Brown got fired by Philly’s GM Elton Brand. During Brown’s first couple of years, ELTON BRAND WAS ON THE FUCKING TEAM!!! That’s gotta suck getting fired by one of your former players.


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