Local Toledo Resident Falsely Accused, Receives 24 Hour Xbox Comms Ban

On the morning of August 24th, local Toledo resident and LifeTakes contributor, Sean Eirons, was awakened in home by a loud phone notification indicating he had been suspended for 24 hours on Xbox Live, due to alleged communications misconduct.

These allegations have yet to be explained by Xbox, as well as the Xbox Support team who served him the message this morning. “I just tried hopping on the Box and next thing I know I’m not allowed to talk with the boys while playing. I do believe I was unfairly charged, especially with no reasoning behind it. Some people just out here to watch me fall.” Eirons commented.

Pending this investigation, the only notable evidence was a message on 8/7 after Eirons informed a random teammate on NBA 2K about his lack of skill. Since then, the only other notable comments were opponents messaging Eirons “good game” after a well fought battle on the sticks.

“I think people just got mad at my playing ability and just had to go out of their way to keep me off the system for no reason.” Eirons additionally mentioned.

Eirons’s release is set to be on August 25th, at 4:26 PM (ET). More on this developing story to come.


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