Trail Blazers Snubbed, Lakers Take 2-1 Series Lead

If you’re wondering why I’ve been focusing on this series, compared to the rest, it is because I am on the edge of my seat, anxiously watching to hopefully see Lebron lose in the first round of the playoffs. If you refer back to my last post about this opening series, I made two points in which the Blazers needed to focus on in order to win games: rebound/hustle and stop taking the “hero” shots. However, the Blazers are doing everything in their power to not listen to me and are letting Lebron just roll right over them.

The Blazers fell short, losing 116-108 with AD and Lebron back in their groove, going off yet again. Lebron would finish with 38, 12, and 8 with AD going off for 29, 11, and 8 playing most of the game with 41 minutes. Surprisingly, Lillard was able to go off as well, playing with a dislocated finger, going 34, 5, and 7 with the help of McCollum going 28, 8, and 4, as well as Melo’s contribution of 20 points.

None of their stats matter though, if you can’t close out a game. As stated earlier in my Game 1 post, the Blazers needed to rebound better, be more physical, and take better shots. They did none of that Game 3. The Lakers would out rebound them 55-38, as well as blow them out in assists and blocks.

Likewise, wild man Lillard was back shooting 1-7 from deep, to go along with his 6-14 field goals. I just wanna know what goes on in Terry Stotts head, as he calls the same dumb play of set a screen, so Lillard can come off that screen and immediately catch and shoot with two defenders in his face. I feel I get more mad at them, than Stotts does. @Trailblazers basketball, if you read this you will be taken to the promise land.


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