Tigers Win 7-4! What’s New

Nothing better than an Sunday afternoon victory and walking out of Comerica blaring this song. I know we played away but you get the picture! Tigers win 7-4 and take care of business on the road while the season was hindering on tanking or playoffs. Looks like we’re still full steam ahead towards the playoffs and I’m jacked up. Must be a tough day for Indian fans who think this team will make a deep playoff run. Can’t be dropping home series vs the lowly Tigers. Let’s break down this massive beat down.

Tarik Skubal had a solid second career outing. It looks bad when you only pitch 3 innings but since there is no minor league season the youngsters need to build there arm strength up and are on a pitch count. Nonetheless, he looked great and has real potential to be a stud. I mean 97 on the black from a lefty, give me a break.

Niko Goodrum is starting to get hot and keeps finding gaps on both sides of the plate.

Jorge Bonifacio hit his first home run since 2018 against, you guessed it Matt Boyd and the Tigers. But this time he was on the good guys side. Bomb squad.

Grayson “bombs” Griener hit an absolute BOMB and provided a much needed insurance run in a crucial situation.

The all time Cleveland Indians killer got more chances to kill the Indians and of course he delivered. Such a shame but MLB fans root for Miguel’s demise. One of the greatest hitters in all of time and people actually cheer for him to suck. Pitiful.

Willi “no E” Castro continues to haunt his former team and continues to prove he’s here to stay. The 21 year old will be fixture in the Tiger lineup for years to come.


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