Tigers Bats Come Alive Destroy Cleveland 10-5 For First Win Over Tribe In 499 Days!

About freaking time!

The Detroit Tigers have beaten the Cleveland Indians for the first time since April of 2019 and break the 20 game losing streak to the Tribe! I’m not going to lie…. it feels awesome! Cleveland has always been a team that we just beat. Didn’t matter the year, from 2009-2014 we just beat the Indians no matter what. When they signed Terry Francona the tide starting shifting and we just could never beat them. So, this is a big day and it feels great! What a game! Down 5-0 and on the verge of giving up the season and thinking this blog could be about tanking the rest of the season…….

But it’s not…. And the Twins are about to lose… We’re back in the thick of things!

Few observations from this game:

1. The team never gives up. Riding a 9 game losing streak( given we caught some teams at the wrong time and I honestly believe there was nothing we could do) and getting down 5-0 in the 2nd inning of this game, we could have folded and gave up. We didn’t and just kept battling and ended the game with TEN unanswered runs. Something I didn’t think was possible last week.

2. We officially won the Alex Avila trade with the Chicago Cubs: idk how many of you know how we got Jeimer Canderlario and now Isaac Paredes but it happen with an end of the trade deadline deal in 2017 when we sent Justin Wilson and Alex Avila to the Cubs for two prospects.


Today is the day we won that trade. Isaac Paredes just got called up to the show last week and had a clutch 2 RBI hit vs the White Sox and then today with the bases loaded down 5-3…. and goes YABOOOOO!!! Biggest moment of his life and the dude just yabos. He is going to a mega star in 2 years! At the time, in 2017, a lot of people didn’t understand the trade, this is why. YABOOOOSSSSSSS.

3- Bullpen lights out again and what’s new?

Again another lights out performance. It’s crazy what this pen can do with a lead. Sure games get out of hand and they may give up some runs but when we need shut down innings with the lead, I mean they have proved themselves over and over. They did it again today. Real recognize real.

4. I wonder if LifeTakes Stew will write an post game blog? Props to LifeTakes Stew. He wrote the blog and he’s a true fan. I did see that he had the Tigers ML though and I’m now going to have to question his fandom for the Indians. I would NEVER be caught dead betting against my team. No matter the sport. Even though sometimes it might be easy money. I’ll never bet against the Lions, Pistons, Tigers, Michigan football or basketball. Just would never do it. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. 12 more wins and I’m chasing a HUGGGGGGGE Tigers over future bet! Money money money!

Writing this blog during Tigers Live after a win is something magical. I know the real fans know that there is nothing and I mean nothing like watching Tigers Live with Micky York and Craig Monroe after a big Tigers win. Let’s go win a series and get this season back on track!


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