I Sure Do Wish the Indians Had Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac

Welp… Not a great performance today by the Indians. We lost to the lowly Tigers and gave up ten runs. Cleveland is now 21-1 against the Tigers in their last 22 games.

Adam Plutko stunk out loud for the second-straight game against Detroit. The offense spotted him five runs in the third inning and Plutko puked it up by giving up seven runs in the fourth. Two-run homer, RBI single and a grand slam. Poof, lead is gone. Then the Tigers are deep into the bullpen and added a couple runs late.

Now wouldn’t it be great if Plutko didn’t have to pitch every fifth day? Wouldn’t it be great if we had one or two more starters that are lightyears better than ol’ Pluts? Oh, right!

Clevinger and Plesac fucked up. No question about it. Carlos Carrasco is a cancer survivor. Oliver Perez is 142 years old. You can’t be messing around with COVID rules with those guys in the clubhouse every day. They fucked up.

So, wait until their service time goes under the minimum for the year, get an extra year of control before their free agency starts and bring these guys back for the second half of the year. Gotta get these guys back on the hill. They’re too good to be throwing simulated innings in Lake County and they’re too good to trade for peanuts.

To meet full disclosure requirement, I had the Tigers moneyline tonight. So even when I lose, I win.

T-Mac starts for the Indians tomorrow and I’m excited to see what he has in his debut.

16-10 (43-27 equivalent)


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