Cavs Snubbed For 3rd Straight Year, Receiving 5th Pick In NBA Lottery

Just like the COVID case numbers, the data is yet again skewed as the Cavs managed to somehow yet again not receive a Top 3 draft pick for the 3rd straight year in a row. Not saying there was tampering, but this is about as suspicious as the 1985 NBA draft, as Ayesha Curry would say “rigged”.

Sarah Stier/getty images

Before lottery night, the Cavs were projected for the number two pick, which put them in position to draft Memphis star James Wiseman which I got real excited for. However, such is life, falling back to 5 definitely switches the game up, but I feel they will he still be able to grab a decent star. With that, Cavs are projected to grab big-man Onyeka Okongwu, the 6’9, 19 year-old center out of USC.

Though he’s no Wiseman, drafting Okongwu will add to the teams already youthful roster, though I would like for them to find a true center, especially if Drummond decides to opt out of his final year of his contract. Don’t get me wrong Tristan Thompson will get you double-digit boards each night, however, I’ve always said that the Cavs need a Jokic or Embiid like frame to rebound, box-out, and be a true force in the paint like Drummond.

But hey….all I know is, thank God I’m not a Knicks fan.


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