Indians Tried to Lose, Pirates Tried Harder. Tribe Wins 6-3 in Extras.

Woof. That was ugly.

The Indians had opportunity after opportunity to score runs and refused to do so. Carlos Santana put the team on his back doe, like Greg Jennings, with a two-run double and a three-run bomb in extra innings that ultimately led to the win.

The Pirates on the other hand… they’re a bad team. I thought the Tigers were bad, and they are, but the Pirates might be worse. Three errors, a balk to put a runner in scoring position and the winning run picked off second base with no outs in the ninth. The Pirates actively tried to lose this game and they succeeded in the end.

Carlos Carrasco was shaky in 4.1 innings. He has some things to figure out on the hill. Maybe still brushing up on his skills after beating cancer’s ass last year. He wasn’t bad by any means, but he threw a shitload of pitches. 91 pitches in four innings is a lot. Maybe needs to throw more strikes and stop trying to miss bats. But he’s a pro and he’ll figure it out.

The bullpen was nails. Ninety-six year old Oliver Perez got us out of a big jam in the fifth. Phil Maton was good again and James Karinchak is an absolute electric factory. Again, Brad Hand scares me. It’s never easy, but he always gets it done.

Alright, let’s talk about the Santana homerun. Was it foul? Yea, probably. Will we take it? You bet your sweet bippy we will. That’s ‘Los’ seventh go-ahead homerun in extra innings as an Indian, behind only James Howard Thome in club history.

Four-straight wins for the Tribe. Record goes to 14-9 (38-24 equivalent). Civale tomorrow to win the series.

P.S. Check out this place… I think I’d really like Pittsburgh if I didn’t hate it with a passion.


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