Tigers Sweep Themselves This Weekend- MUST WIN SITUATION TOMORROW

I’m giving the Indians zero credit on this sweep. Detroit had each game of this series won and as the late Dennis Green once said “THEY WERE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE…. And WE LET THEM OFF THE HOOK!!”

That’s the correct way to use that quote and we let the Indians off the hook. Our starting pitching has been so atrocious this past week that we could have had the entire Indians lineup batting for us and we would still lose. That’s issue number 1! Fix the pitching. We have solutions in Toledo!

So, sure, the big bad Cleveland Indians swept us this weekend and what did they win from it?

Nothing but a chance to play us again next weekend. And for one, I can’t wait to sweep them in whatever there ball park is called because they change the name every season.

Another question or thought I have… I’m wondering if we will see Cleveland Indian post game blogs after every game? Because this was the first I’ve seen all season and I wonder if we will see them after a loss? Or even better after a sweep? It’s tough to tell because Cleveland Indian fans are the most front running fan base I’ve ever seen and you have to be a delusional fan if you think otherwise.

We will see.

Must win though tomorrow for the Tigers. Not good when you go 1-5 against AL Central opponents at home but obviously home field advantage doesn’t matter this season because the Indians just swept us on the road. So, if they can do it, anyone can.

Need a monster game from Matty Boyd tomorrow. Like one time this season try and pitch good for the love of god. 8:05 first pitch in the south side! Let’s go


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