Stipe Miocic is the GHOAT! The greatest heavyweight of all time defended his UFC Heavyweight Title against an absolute warrior in Daniel Cormier.

It went to the cards and that’s fine. A win is a win. I had the fight 48-47 in favor of the champ with Stipe winning rounds two, three and four.

Stipe almost finished it in the second round and probably would have if he had 30 more seconds. Talk about saved by the bell.

Then these guys tried to gouge each others eyes out with their fingers. Some mafia torture type shit. Talk about knuckle deep.

Nothing intentional. Just trying to set up the right hand. It happens. DC couldn’t see right for the remainder of the fight and that’s never good. I mean, that eye is fucked up.

It’s tough to win the title as the challenger when it goes to the judges. To be the champ you’ve got to beat the champ and Cormier couldn’t stop Miocic in five rounds. If this is Cormier’s last fight, he’s had a hell of a career. Double champ in Lightheavy and Heavyweight divisions is insane. Then he dealt with all the Jon Jones bullshit and I still don’t think he got a fair shake on that whole scenario.

Good night of fights all around. Glad the belt is coming back to a Cleveland area firehouse.


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