19 Wins and Counting

Did I just make a headline pun between former TLC show ’19 Kids and Counting’ and the Indians utter dominance over the Tigers? Yes, yes I did.

When you face the best pitcher on the best pitching staff in the majors, it’s tough to win. When you trot out a dogshit lineup like the Tigers did today, you have no chance. It was comical to watch the bottom third of the Detroit lineup try to hit Shane Bieber. The others didn’t have much success either.

Going into to the game I thought we needed one run and one inning out of the bullpen. We ended up needing two frames because Bieber was slackin’. Wittgren and Hand were happy to help. Full disclosure, Brad Hand still scares the shit outta me every time he has the ball.

But, it went exactly as planned. Biebs shoved for 7.0 innings, 11 K’s with just three hits and a walk. He’s a top five pitcher in baseball right now and showed it tonight. Jose Ramirez played like an all-star with two hits, two walks, two stolen bases and a two-run double. Carlos Santana had an RBI double and that was more than enough runs for the pitching staff.

As for the Tigers… not great. Scattered singles from MudHens legend Christin Stewart and Austin Romine and a double by Johnny Schoop. That was it against Bieber. Willi (no E in my name) Castro was 0-for-3 with a K and was very much not a problem.

It’s the middle of the summer and its hot outside. Let the Tigers provide you with some free air conditioning.

I mean, some of those swings aren’t even competitive. Looks like Richie and Clark from ‘The Benchwarmers’.

Indians go to 12-9, one game back of Minnesota.

Stipe fights tonight. Plutko starts tomorrow.


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