19 Losses And Counting- Plus CJ Cron Is Done For The Season

That title tells it all. Tigers come up short yet again to the mighty Cleveland Indians by a score of 3-1 and continue the historic losing streak to one team and make it 19 in a row.

Not much to say about this game besides Shane Bieber is really good. We finally had a decent outing from a starter and the bullpen was lights again. But, we didn’t hit anything and created a breeze throughout Comerica with all the strikeouts. Back to Beiber though, what a stud. He’s like a clone of Corey Kluber and he’s only 25. Not fair.

We’re still sitting in a good spot in the AL Central and Wild Card standings but we NEED a win tomorrow. We can’t get swept. The old Mike Singletary quote “CANT DO IT!!”

Even though he’s talking about something totally different… you get it. CANT DO IT tomorrow.

CJ Cron is done for the season. Earlier this week he took a ground ball off his ankle/ shin/ knee and limped off the field. He announced today that he’s getting season ending surgery….. WHAT?!?!

Unbelievable how he’s just done like that.

Fulmer on the bump tomorrow on national television. 1:00 first pitch on ESPN. Need one tomorrow.

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