Tigers Lose Tonight…..But I Can’t Wait To Win Tomorrow

Yeah I get it…. Tigers have lost 18 straight games to the Indians……. la de freakin da.

You know what LifeTakes Anders doesn’t get?

Cleveland is on the back end of peaking as a franchise a few years ago, when they lost in the World Series. Detroit has been in full on tank mode for the last 4 seasons. Sooo, duhhhh dude…. of course the Indians will take advantage of a team who’s been tanking for years now!

Today’s game sucked and our starting pitching is a problem. Idk how we keep rolling the same guys out there. We need Mize, Manning, Faedo now. Bullpen is getting the job done and we’re hitting! We out hit the Indians today but Ivan “Bum” Nova can’t pitch without giving up hard hit balls. Whatever, over it. Spencer Turnbull tomorrow.

P.S- Anders do you remember Willie Castro? Your top 10 shortstop prospect that we just STOLE from you a couple years ago when you gave us him for Leony’s Martin. LEONY’S MARTIN?? Lol what a terrible trade for Cleveland. Is Leony’s Martin even in the league anymore? Willie Castro will be a problem for you for the next 10 years.

Dude…. keep Miguel Cabrera’s name off your blogs. The man owns a .357 CAREER batting average against you and 37 ding dongs and 118 RBI’s. Like come on.. how can you say one bad thing about him.


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