Recruiting Joey Mulinaro to #HockeyTown

I along with most of the world met Joey last November during Thanksgiving when this gem dropped on the interweb.

Fast Forward and he now works at Barstool Sports where he was featured on a personal favorite of mine, the forever classic, ‘Barstool Rundown’ on August 10th. Forewarning if this is your first Rundown, it’s NSFW.

The Sparknotes: The last segment Joey declares that he doesn’t have a favorite NHL team, as he’s from Indiana and there is no professional team there. He doesn’t want to hop on the Crosby bandwagon (Joey is a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan) and doesn’t want to root for the Blackhawks (closest NHL team to Indy).

So of course I took to Twitter to try and recruit Mulinaro to HockeyTown.

I was honestly shocked he responded, I’m sure he gets tons of DMs on the regular so wasn’t sure if he’d see it. Also, I sent him a DM a few months back to congratulate him on starting at Barstool and I may have “fangirled” a bit too hard, cause I was left on read. But, not this time no I got a response. But to my detriment, Joey had made an announcement that he will be aligning with the New York Rangers.

So of course, trying my luck, I went back into the DMs to confront Mulinaro (which by the way, what a name, imagine how often coaches would yell at this kid growing up just because Mulinaro is a fun name to say, rolls right off the tongue)

My attempt had failed. Though discouraged I have decided to not give up and recruit help from @Flowroni (a lifetakes contributer) and a known Hockey Guy. I asked Ryan Flowroni to give me some reasons to be a Red Wings fan after telling him the tale I just told you. Here is what he said:

1. Were one of the major teams in bringing Russian players over here–committed espionage and deceived Russia to smuggle guys like Fedorov and Konstantinov here

2. Changed the way hockey is played–were one of the early teams to focus on a “puck possession” European style game instead of old school dump and chase style

3. Original 6 team, 11 Stanley cups

4. Have some young studs (Larkin, Bertuzzi, Mantha, Hronek, Zadina) and have Stevie Y in charge of the rebuild

5. Mr. fucking Hockey Gordie Howe played for the Red Wings

And along with all that just look at this beautiful creature and his majestic flow. Just look at him.

You can’t leave out Probert either

Okay Joey, thats the pitch. You can go with the Rangers who somehow received the 1st overrall pick, when it should have been us or ride out with the Winged Wheel and Stevie Y!


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