Cavs Rumored To Be Working On Mega Deal To Acquire Ben Simmons

2020 has, by far, been one of the spiciest years within the last decade, so why not add even more spice to dish with the recent reports of a mega deal to acquire the recently crippled, no-shot wonder that is Ben Simmons. Because it’s Cleveland and that would only make too much sense.

This bold move was recently reported by Chris Fedor, who states that the Cavs may plan to package together their future draft picks, as well as a young player or two to acquire the 24 year old forward.

Now, would I be completely against trading away our future youth for a man who will most likely need knee surgery at the end of this season and could miss the following season? Depends how you look at it. It’s no secret that ever since Lebron left, the Cavs have been very youth focused looking for that one or two young players to build a team around (I.e Garland and Sexton) and with that acquiring Simmons could be that missing piece. In fact, this could be the organization’s chance to finally trade the 31 year-old Kevin Love, as well as some picks to acquire a true slashing big man that the Cavs have seemed to lack with their recent picks. A move in which I wouldn’t be opposed to, as much as Love is a fan favorite. Acquiring Simmons wouldn’t be such a dumpster fire of a move, as it will give them the team a big man who can play both the guard and forward spot, making him your prime offensive threat to score, taking the pressure of guys like Sexton who often dribbles too much and often turns the ball over.


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