Tigers Win Extra Inning Thriller 17-13!

What a game!

After taking a week off because the Cardinals entire team had Covid, the Tigers come back hot! 17 runs on 16 hits with 4 different comebacks. I didn’t watch any of the game but I listened to the first two innings on radio and heard CJ Cron go deep. Then, watched the rest of the game on gamecast and it got the job done. I would have had a heart attack if I watched this game on TV. Tigers were down 4-1 and then took a 5-4 lead. Then, down 7-5, the Tigers don’t settle this season and took a 12-7 lead! In the most surprising turn of events, Joe Jimenez blew a save. In extra innings with the new rules of getting a runner on second to start the inning, the Tigers and Pirates both score in the 10th and then comes the 11th and we drop a 4 bomb on them. And win 17-13.

Quick Thought– Such a big win after a week off. If we lost this game it would have been a terrible loss, no other way to put it. But we found a way to win and it could have not come at a better time. We have to take advantage of the bad Pirates and we will get a chance to do it on national TV. 4:10 first pitch on FS1.


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