MAC Football To Cancel Season, Amongst COVID Pandemic

#MACtion will not be back this Fall, as it was announced that the season will be cancelled until further notice, due to concerns of the Coronavirus. This comes in the wake of the University of Connecticut football team being the first FBS team to opt this Fall, making the MAC the first conference in the FBS to completely opt out as a whole. It was reported that the President of Northern Illinois, had already planned to opt out this season regardless.

In addition to the growing concerns of player and staff health, the MAC had already taken a significant blow financially, as the NCAA announced that there will be no out-of-conference play heading into the 2020 season. This financial blow comes from MAC teams not being able to play bigger schools, such as Kent State being scheduled to play both Penn State, as well as Alabama in its first two games of the year, where they get compensated for playing such larger teams. It was estimated that the conference will lose roughly $10 million in out-of-conference play revenue. Though it was mentioned that they will try to restart the season in the Spring, it is too early to tell how the rest of the year will play out, as well as if other teams/conferences will follow in the MAC’s footsteps.


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