NBA Picks Aug. 7th- We’re Back!

Phil said it best. Our luck has officially turned around guys! We are BACK!

After one of the worst days of my life, we are back with a 3-3 day and you’ve heard it before that going .500 is a winning day. Things were down but we’re back!

8/6 Recap: 3-3! Hard earned 3-3 day but should have been a lot better. The Heat blew a big time lead and screwed everyone who picked them. Couple upsets that I saw coming, NBD. Overall, great bounce back day.

8/7 Slate: We give the people what they want and the people wanted confidence picks. I had so many people ask for this. But, I get it, not everyone will bet 6 games. So, I’m going to rank each pick with number 1 being a automatic winner, no doubt.

6. Magic +5 vs 76ers, 6:30, TNT

5. Pelicans -7.5 vs Wizards, 8:00

4. Nets +5 vs Kings, 5:00

3. Thunder 4.5 vs Grizzles, 4:00, NBA TV

2. Celtics +2 vs Raptors, 9:00, TNT

1. Spurs -9 vs. Jazz, 1:00


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