Millennial Unemployment Expected To Rise, As TikTok Ban Draws Closer

Millions of Millennial and Gen-Z’ers are excepted to file for unemployment, as recent talks of banning popular social media app TikTok draws closer. This comes from recent reports of The Don looking to ban the app here in the US withinin the next 45 days, unless the app’s parent company sells its shares.

With being one of the most downloaded apps in world, with roughly 800 million users (41% of those are ages 16-24), growing concerns of security infringement have arose, regarding information stealing and facial recognition usage. However, the real danger is whether or not Becky will be able to find a real job that doesn’t involve doing basic arm movements, pretending your J. Lo or Kenny Ortega.

More on how today’s youth will have to find life outside of their 15 minutes of fame on the Internet to come.


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