“Poor Scott actually thought I wanted to take his call” -Big Cat

Wednesday. Hump day. The turning point in the week where the average man/woman tends to see the silver lining in the unfortunate events throughout the day because that beautiful thing we call the weekend is within grasp. Well friends, today felt like the most Monday of Monday’s I’ve ever felt in a long time.

Started out with an open mind, ya know Wednesday it’s Hollister Golf Leagues. Always have a bit of stored up energy going into these days because of the potential to shoot low out on the course. And coming off a rough 44 on the front 9 of Lake Erie Metro Park I had a lot to prove today. Nonetheless, my day took a swift turn for the worse far before our 5:20 tee time. In fact right around 12:10 my buddy drove over to pick up a nutrition hub giant tee and shake. All is well as we are perusing their menu we tune into Power 85 on Sirius Radio to hopefully catch today’s top sports gambling picks from Pick Central. Riding the wave of choosing a healthy option for lunch, something on the tube catches my fancy. I said hey, I have an opinion on the topic of discussion the boys are yaking about… I’mma call into the station and hope they pick up. Only my second time every doing this. I awaited with anticipation to hopefully get my call. Knees weak; arms were heavy. Then bang, Dan Katz, aka Big Cat says, Scott from Detroit your on. And then, this is when I should have known today was not my day.

And just like that I’m stuck phone in hand looking foolish with my buddy cracking up directly in my face as I sit flabbergasted lol I shrug it off, ain’t nothing but a thang. I think hey, I could tweet at Big Cat and get a easy pity retweet. Wrong again Ernie.

Fittle? Fucking fittle? Cmon on lock it up Mojito.

As soon as that opportunity came it walked itself right out the front door. 0-2 on the day thus far. Hey, don’t hang your head man you got golf to redeem yourself. Never get to high, don’t get too low. Steady Eddie… If you get the vibe of this blog so far I think you can guess how the golf game went today…

I had Beans on the bag, what could go wrong? A solid golf brain to walk me through club selection, help read putts, and a boost of moral support. Well.. started out bad… Got worse… and then finished god awful. Which is surprising because I’m coming of an all time low at the Monroe Country Club. I think it had something to do with the brand new Titleist bucket hat I was rocking today.

Figured this was guaranteed to notch 3 if not 4 strokes from the golf game no doubt. Definitely was not the case chief.

PS. Let my girlfriend pre read this to avoid any spelling errors. Thought she’d shed a chuckle pretty early on in the read. She’s 5 paragraphs in. Crickets. There’s always tomorrow! God speed.


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