NBA Picks August 5th- Trust Your Gut

First bad day of the season and I told everyone yesterday that the numbers were weird and I should have trusted my gut on the picks. Had some crazy spreads and most of the big underdogs won the game outright. So, that happens, I was lucky to win 2 games. But, new day, new me.

8/4 Recap- I pretty much gave you the rundown of what happen above. I went 2-4 and had the Suns beating the Clippers. But, I wanted to take the Nets but didn’t and I wanted to take Heat but didn’t. Bottom line, trust your gut and don’t overthink. NBA is easy.

8/5 Slate: not a great slate. Vegas is getting comfortable with the bubble and the spreads are getting a little sketch. I’ll find winners though. Alll gut.

Grizzles +5 vs Jazz, 2:30

76ers -10.5 vs Wizards, 4:00, NBA TV

Spurs +5 vs Nuggets, 4:00

Lakers -5.5 vs Thunder, 6:30 PM, ESPN

Raptors -6.5 vs Magic, 8:00

Nets +9 vs Celtics, 9:00, ESPN

Overall Record (17-14)


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