Michigan Releases 2020 Football Schedule- Ohio State Will Not Be Last Game Of Season For First Time Since 1934!

November 17th 1934.

That’s the date the last time Michigan and Ohio State didn’t play the last regular season game of the season.

We’re going to see something that hasn’t been done in almost 100 years! Michigan and Ohio State will not play the last game of the regular season for this upcoming year.


Thanksgiving weekend will not be the same.

Honestly, a college football season doesn’t even seem real right now. With everything going on in the world, I just can’t see college kids, not getting paid, playing a very physical, contact sport.

But, what do I know?

What I do know is… maybe Michigan can finally beat Ohio State if they play on a different day. We have had no luck playing them on thanksgiving weekend the last 20 YEARS!

With Covid taking over the world, the Big Ten decided to play all conference games and that took their schedule from 12 games to 10. Normally, big ten schools have a 9 game conference schedule with 3 non-conference games. Typically, 1 of those 3 non conference games is a marquee matchup and that’s about the only down side to this. Besides that, the non conference schedule usually sucks and most people never want to watch those games because they are blowouts. I’m going to love watching big ten football from the jump this season. Big Ten from September to November.

1 MONTH AWAY!!! Crazy how it still feels like March.


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