NBA Picks August 4th- Basketball Never Sleeps

We’re back for another 6 game slate today in the NBA world and we have more winners. I don’t suggest taking all 6 games, maybe, pick your favorite 1 or 2 games and ride them out. I’ll give you 6 winners though and the rest is on your hands.

8-3 Recap: 3-3 on the day and had a lot of games come down to the wire. We were a couple baskets away from a 5-1 day and I’ll take that. But, it was another day of not losing money and you know what I say…. 3-3 is pretty much making money. Going .500 on your bets is a really good day.

8-4 Slate: 6 games today and I’ll be honest… the numbers scare me. Some of these spreads have enormous numbers and that’s a little scary but scared money don’t make money.

Bucks -18.5 vs Nets

Mavs -5.5 vs Kings

Suns +8.5 vs Clippers

Pacers +1.5 vs Magic

Celtics -3.5 vs Heat

Blazers +4 vs Rockets

Overall Record (15-10)


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