Indians’ Fans Get Chance Of Attending Games In Spirit

As the old saying goes, “I’ll be there in spirit”, will become a reality for Tribe fans as they will be able to have life-size cutouts of themselves attending the ballgame for them. This idea as become quite popular around the league, often having cutouts of famous celebrities scattered around the stadium to give the humorous appearance of having fans present. This will be taking place for the remaider of the season, due to the no-attendance policy at ballparks during the COVID pandemic.

For $100, you can have your stunt-double attend the game for you, while you watch the comforts of your home, not having to spend $14 on a beer. Not to mention, all proceeds will be going to team’s various charities they have partnered with. Due to social distancing requirements, there will only be a limited amount of cutouts available to purchase, as it will be a first-come ordering list. Fans can expect to see themselves live, starting on August 21st against the Tigers.


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