Tigers Dominate- Win 7-2 Over Cincinnati. Detroit Is A Wagon

Huge bounce back win tonight over the Reds after a tough loss last night. This was as dominate of a win as you can have and it was overall just a great baseball win. I’m not afraid to say it but he Detroit Tigers are the biggest surprise of the 2020 season. Little side note, I hope the season doesn’t get canceled. I have a bad feeling that all this fun might come to end. Commissioner Manfred said if they can’t get the virus under control, the season will get canceled. I hope he is just saying that so people think the worst but, you never know.

3 Observations-

1- Spencer Turnbull is a stud! He is our ace and this was his second straight start of domination. He had a no hitter in the 5th inning and was striking guys out left and right. But, some people might look at his record from last season and think “3-17 is BAD” I agree but, his ERA was low and he had the worst run support in the league. Bottom line, Spencer is the real deal.

2- Tigers have been so resilient. They give up the lead and don’t care and come back the very next inning with a crooked number. This very thing happen again, today, in the 5th inning when the Tigers gave up 2 runs and trailed 2-1. Bada bing, bada boom, bottom of the 5th, little bingo, winning 3-2. That type of stuff doesn’t just happen. It’s built into you and we have so many young guys playing and contributing that you are lying to yourself if you don’t believe in the future that Al Avila is building.

3- Bullpen is lights out! Gregory Soto, Buck Farmer, Joe Jimenez on repeat! We didn’t need Joe tonight but he was ready. If the Tigers didn’t score 2 in the bottom of the 9th, he would have been lights out again. Every singe Tiger hater that doesn’t believe in the direction we are going always say “we have no bullpen….but we have no bullpen” well we have one. Jump on the wagon, it’s fun!

Thoughts- I didn’t say anything about Jacoby Jones but, I mean I’ve been saying he’s a super star every night and again, tonight, he delivers. Two doubles and he started a rally in the 5th inning to regain the lead. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. Jacoby Jones is a superstar. Tomorrows game got moved up to 1:00 in the afternoon because of rain and thunder in the evening. Going to be a heavyweight battle with Michael Fulmer squaring off with Sonny Gray. The way we’re playing…. love our chances.


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