Tigers Fall To Royals- Split Four Game Series- We’re Onto Cincinnati

Losing sucks. Nothing else to really say. We’re onto Cincinnati.

Pitching has to be better. We had chances but never capitalized on them. This isn’t the worst loss in the world though. It would have sucked if we lost the previous 3 but we didn’t. We didn’t get blown out and we had a late come back and we can use that momentum into the big weekend series with the Reds.

1 Observation-

1- Miggy is back! He hasn’t been very lucky with some hard hit balls getting caught but today he hit 2 bombs. Right down the right field line and one into bullpen. Jonathon Schoop hits a homer every game now too. What a pick up.

Splitting a 4 game series isn’t going to kill the record. But we need to win 3 game series and that’s what makes this weekend such huge games. Starting back up tomorrow in downtown Detroit Spencer Turnbull takes the bump and he could our real ace and we’re onto MFing Cincinnati!


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