Sports Are ALL The Way Back! Gambling Picks Are Back! Winners Only!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for! NBA basketball is back from the bubble in Orlando. The world shut down in the middle of basketball season and nothing has felt normal since. It’s been 4 months and 17 days since basketball ended and we were all robbed of March Madness, NBA playoffs and the Finals. Well, we did it and we’re back. It’s going to be different but some of the exhibition games looked really cool and I think the games will be fine. I’m so so so so so so excited.

The opening games will be broadcasted on TNT and the real OG’s know TNT>>>>any other network when dealing with basketball. Just makes tonight even better. Let’s get down to the picks. Both are locks and will double your net worth.

Jazz vs Pelicans -3

This seems way to easy. The Jazz are 41-29 and I’m not even sure why the Pelicans got invited to the bubble. I mean Zion is the reason but, they have a shit record. Vegas will also need a buffer period to get ready and I think they are way off on this one. I mean I was way off on Zion being a superstar but I don’t think I’m off on this pick. Hammer the Jazz +3 and make that money!

Jazz +3

Lakers -4.5 vs Clippers

This is going to be an all time game. I can already smell it. I think this will be a western conference finals preview and will have so many highlights. I wonder if they will have different broadcasters for both games or just have them run it back. Whoa…. but the Lakers will win by 7 points. This entire bubble thing was definitely designed by Lebron. Whole thing was his idea. I know Adam Silver is getting all the credit but if Lebron didn’t want to play….the NBA would not be playing. He has a great chance at a ring so of course he’s going to play. Lebron will be playing so loose and you should also feel loose making this bet. Put your mortgage on this game and double it! Let’s go!

Lakers -4.5

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