Tigers Win 5-4! Jump On The Bandwagon!

Tigers win again and say it with me….. Jacoby Jones…. Jacoby Jones…… Jacoby Jones is a superstar. What a stud he is and going 3-3 with a go head homer in the 7th is so boss. Getting down 4-0 early in the game and scratching and crawling back to a 5-4 win. I don’t want to say it but good ass teams find ways to win. I give Ron Gardenhire so much credit. He’s an old school manager and will always have the boys ready to play. Like I said yesterday, every win means so much and we’re finding ways to win and it’s huge.

3 Observations-

1- Matt Boyd needs to figure it out. He’s our ace and hasn’t been pitching like one. He is better than this and I trust him but, he needs to do better. He did grind and found ways to limit the damage early and looking back it was huge.

2- Jacoby Jones is a superstar. I said it yesterday and I’ll probably say it tomorrow. The Tigers had 4 HITS all game and Jacoby had 3 of them. 2 doubles and a bomb. He’s becoming the stud we thought he would be when we traded Joakim Soria for him back in 2015.

3- Our bullpen and Joe Jimenez are pitching lights out. We haven’t seen a closer so dominant in Detroit history like Joe Jimenez is pitchout like right now. Every save situation is a stressless 1,2,3. That has never happen in Tigers history. We usually want to kill all Tigers closer but not Joe.

4- I listened to most of this game on radio and we can’t let Dan Dickerson go unnoticed anymore. The man will go down as the next Earnie Harwell, Dan is in his prime broadcasting years and we have to cherish it. He is so good.

Thoughts- Jump on this bandwagon now! 54 games left in the season and it’s going to dwindle down quicker than it seems. It’s a sprint and if you blink your eye we might be in the playoffs. Jump on and enjoy the ride. Ivan Nova takes the bump tomorrow at 7PM and like yesterday……love our chances.

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