Tigers WIN! Beat The Royals 4-3

We’re back baby! Huge bounce back win after a blowout loss last night. Tigers beat the Royals 4-3 in the 3rd inning and that ended up being the game. Things got interesting in the 9th with CJ Cron just straight up dropping an in field fly ball but, whatever. Tigers get back to a 3-2 record with only 55 games remaining in the season and it’s going to be a sprint! Let’s go get a playoff spot!

3 observations from the game:

1- Bullpen was lights out!! Rony Garcia made his MLB debut and looks promising. 6’3 flame thrower with a nice little cut piece. Had one tough inning but besides that, kind of lights out. Tyler Alexander, Gregory Soto, Jose Ciserno, Buck Farmer and then the hammer, Joe Jimenez. Get 5 innings out of the starter and then these guys finish the job.

2- Bombs! Tigers have already hit 10 home runs this season and it’s only been 5 games. I just heard Craig Monroe say it took 19 games to hit 10 home runs last season. Maybe cause it was freezing cold out to start the season compared to perfect summer nights. But, either way, we’re hitting bombs. Jon Schoop and Christian Stewart had some timely bombs in the 3rd inning that sealed the win.

3- I love our lineup top to bottom. Honestly, I haven’t been able to say that in years but we have a great balance of youth and veterans in the lineup. Also, the balance of speed and power throughout the lineup from 1-9 is awesome.

4- Around the 5th inning I had a sudden urge to start yelling baseball terms out loud and I really wanted to be in Comerica just screaming “let’s get 2 here” “baaaaaaaaaaack” “let’s gooooo” “that a boyyyyy” let’s go” “ballllllllllllk” “THATS OURSIDDDE”

4- All of them. The Tigers need me there.

Thoughts– In a 60 game season, every win means so much and we just have to find ways to win. Doesn’t matter if it’s ugly or not we just have to win. The defense is playing really solid and we have to keep the pitching strong to have a real chance of winning. Onto tomorrow, back at Comerica for a 7:10 first pitch vs the Royals. Matt Boyd is pitching and I love our chances.


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