The 3 Things I learned from my Ex

If you came here for a hit piece you came to the wrong place, there will be none of that on this blog. On the contrary, I think today’s culture glorifies villanizing your ex significant other to friends and family (or twitter). Someone doesn’t have to be the reason it didn’t work, sometimes it just doesn’t work and that’s okay. So I’m opening the door to my private thoughts and letting y’all know 3 things I learned from my past relationship. Now, to clarify, I’ve only had the one “Ex”,  only had one real relationship, ya know like a “labeled” relationship – it was fun, one of those classic American stories, boy meets girl, boy takes girl to formal, Yada Yada Yada, ya catch the drift.

Here are some key takeaways from my experience.

1. New Girl – This show is one of my favorite shows, in fact, as I write this, I’m currently (not while I write this but its under my “Continue Watching” list on Netflix) qwatching it for the 5th, maybe 6th time. The show changed the way I viewed television. I see myself in each of the characters (Hey Google, add “New Girl Character Blog” to “My Ideas”)

1A: Hygene
Washing towels (and bed sheets) – I’m here to be honest, I didnt know how important it was until I saw New Girl. I thought since I’m a morning shower guy it didn’t matter bout the sheets and since I was clean outta the shower how could the towel get dirty¿? but now I know its vital for both skin health and overall hygiene. Props to me for learning.

2. Loofah – Moving on from New Girl, we have this glorious invention called the loofah. I used to be a wash cloth guy until I met this thing. The clean you feel after you shower with these things is incomparable. I’ll be completely honest when I say, if you wash your body with soley your hands and soap, I take pity upon you. Why’d I just talk like that? Because, the loofah screams sophistication – even though they cost like $2.00. This has actually sparked debate among my friends and an overwhelming majority of y’all just use your hands, do yourself a favor and try the loofah, just try it once. You’ll be more clean and save money on soap because you won’t have to use as much. Okay off my soapbox.

So far, a lot to do with hygeine, I noticed that while writing this. However, we do have one more thing I learned.

3. Cleveland isn’t bad. Being from Michigan there is a certain animosity towards the Ohio city that shares Lake Erie with Detroit. (Not to say I don’t care about Buffalo, on the contrary, I feel a certain kinship with the people of that city. I only know like maybe one person from there, but I love the Bills Mafia.) Yes it’s true I like Cleveland, The Flats are electric. The Hofbraus House is a must visit if ya haven’t been, just a good time. I’ve seen the tailgates of a Browns game and was just outside The Jake during a game, and though I haven’t been to a Cleveland game I know the fans are a passionate bunch, and you gotta respect that.

Anyways, The Break-Up (which I originally thought was robbed of a spot on Chelsea’s “Top 15: Rom Coms” list but upon further review, I think she got it right, I mean it has its funny moments but not top 15 quality) was on and inspired whatever this was – hope you enjoyed it.


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