Gaylord Focker Golf Extravaganza Update

Well this weekend has been quite interesting to say the least. It started off with a visitor of the snake variety (allegedly a Michigan Rattler) greeting us to the bubble (cabin) at Camp Patterson.

The first day of golf is in the books the boys hit 18 on Friday, 36 on schedule today and 18 tomorrow (Sunday). The leader board going right now is:

As you an see Caramel Steve is the leader after day 1, which is impressive considering he had been nursing a sore back for the better part of 2 weeks. Following Caramel we have Dave with 78 and then Scott and Ty at 80.. Ty is the favorite from what I’ve heard around the bubble..idk people are startin to murmur

 Rounding out the back is Bryce and Zac. You can see the last 3 names are scratched, those guys joining the outing on the second 18 of today’s comp. Bryce is our guy for Player Takes, and is the player Zach eluded to in his Golf preview blog, we haven’t played catch yet but im sure we will soon.

Now, I gotta get something off my chest, these handicaps honestly make me confused. Now I’m not a golf guy, I could count the amount of rounds I’ve golfed on less than two hands (but more than one). The boys keep talking about their “handicap”, not exactly sure what that means but apparently if you’re not good at golf you can get better by making your handicap a higher number.  Thats good news for me,  next year my handicap will be 17. Why? I don’t know!

Caramel (pictured above) is working hard on setting everyone’s handicap, not sure the algorithm he used but im sure the math is there.

Another big topic of the weekend is gambling, if you can believe that! Ive heard talk about betting on individual scores, team scores, riding partners and groups and all sorts of nonsense. Then they bring up “skins” which due to the current climate in this country I thought had something to do with a football team. But no, apparently a skin is like a bet on a certain hole (or holes) during the round. Honestly this whole thing is going over my head, i think when I cover the last round of golf on Day 3 ill be able to gain a better understanding of it.

Until then I’m straight Up North Chillin’


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