Golf Trip ⛳

With the Gaylord Focker Golfing Extravaganza coming up in a few short days I figured I’d update everyone with some of my takes leading into the weekend.

Working Remotely – Though I’ve been living the Millenial Dream of working from home since March, it’s still as exciting now as it was then (Kind of a silver lining during this Pandemic). Whats more fun than working from home is working from anywhere else.. a coffee shop, relatives house what have you, its like a field trip.. I’m headed up Thursday night so I’ll be buying a coffee at a shop up there in Gaylord and making nyself at home there until 5pm EST.

Camping: I’v learned alot about myself during this Pandemic one of those things is that I’m a big ‘sleep in a tent outside the cabin’ Guy. I’m the first to volunteer to sleep outside as opposed to a packed cabin. If the cabin is a bubble, my tent is like a personal fish bowl, that is if it doesn’t rain and I can go rain flyless.

Golfing: this summer was going to be the time I actually developed a golf game, but i had a nagging case of Tenosynovitis which is fancy doctor talk for “fancy tendonitis” in my right forearm. I was wearing a wrist brase for 5 weeks. I’ve heard every off the wall joke imaginable during that time. With that being said I sadly wasn’t able to complete the training I started in April. So I’m going up with the positive vibes, Tim Allen PureMichigan references, and perhaps a cooking book or two. Yep, im that guy this trip, that guy who doesn’t go golfing but chills out the whole weekend and cooks the rest of the crew some grub.

Because I’m not golfing and sleeping in a tent, I wasn’t included in the group message so not sure everyone whose going or if I’m actually invited come to think of it…. oh well, doesn’t matter, I’m going up north.


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