The Gaylord Focker Golfing Extravaganza Week

Welcome to the Gaylord Focker Golfing Extravaganza Tournament of 2020.

Let’s get straight to the point.

LifeTakes Golf will be debuting its brand this weekend with a small but rather large golf tournament that will be taking place in Gaylord, Michigan.

LifeTakes Golf has officially made one video back in the middle of the pandemic and also have a couple more in the chamber almost ready to roll-

Neither here nor there, let’s dive into some details of the trip.

The Golf Mecca of the Midwest.

I believe Gaylord has 10 golf courses within city limits and the courses where the GFGE (Gaylord Focker Golfing Extravaganza) will take place are all within 3 miles of each other. Absolutely crazy 4 of the nicest golf courses around are that close to each other.

We will have 9 people participating in the event and around 10-11 staying in the bubble. Yes, we have a bubble for the golfers.

The bubble the golfers will be staying in.

Friday, July 24th- The Loon

This will be our qualifying round. The first group of golfers will tee off at 4:20PM

Saturday, July 24, 8:50 AM- Michaywe: The Lakes

First Round- Still not sure how the scoring system for teams will work. We will keep you updated

Saturday, July 24, 4:00PM- Michaywe: The Pines

2nd round action- Also the 2nd 18 of the day. Anything can happen.

Sunday, July 25th- The Ridge

Championship Sunday. All I know is that we play from the championship black tees on Sunday’s. Always

Stay tuned for update blogs throughout the week/weekend for of course, updates, news, thoughts, ideas, videos, recaps and post tournament news and maybe more ideas.

Let the gamesssss begin


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